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June 21-26, 2015

Professor David Bergman
Professor Valentin Freilikher

Conference Proceedings - ETOPIM 8 PhysicaB

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ETOPIM conferences...

The first ETOPIM conference was held in Columbus, Ohio, in 1977 and has been followed by six other conferences at international locations. These conferences have provided a unique forum for experimentalists and theorists to get together and advance their understanding of the electrical transport and optical properties of inhomogeneous media.

  • ETOPIM 1 - 1977: Inaugural conference ~ Smith Laboratory, Physics, OSU, Columbus, Ohio, USA | Group Photo
    Convenors: James Garland, David Tanner, David Stroud, Robert Mills, Jan Korringa
  • ETOPIM 2 - 1988 (August 29-September 2): The Sorbonne, Paris, France
    Convenors: Jacques Lafait, David Burnham Tanner | Proceedings: Physica A 157, published 1989
  • ETOPIM 3 - 1993 (August 9-13): Guanajuato, Mexico
    Convenors: Florin Abeles, Rubén Barrera, Ping Sheng, W.L. Mochan | Proceedings: Physica A
  • ETOPIM 4 - 1996 (July 23-30): St. Petersburg/ Moscow, Russia
    Convenors: Brian Abeles, Andrey Lagarkov, Ping Sheng, A.M. Dykhn | Proceedings: Physica A
  • ETOPIM 5 - 1999 (June 21-25): Hong Kong, China
    Convenor: Ping Sheng
  • ETOPIM 6 - 2002 (July 15-19): Snowbird, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
    Convenors: Graeme Milton, Ken Golden | Proceedings: Physica B
  • ETOPIM 7 - 2006 (July 9-14): Cockle Bay, Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia | Group Photo
    Convenors: Ross McPhedran (Inaugural President of ETOPIM inc.), David McKenzie, Marcela Bilek, Stuart Anderson | Proceedings: Physica B
  • ETOPIM 8 - 2009 (June 7-12): Aquila Rithymna Beach Hotel, Rethymnon, Crete, Greece | Group Photo
    Convenors: Costas Soukoulis, AMES Lab USA/FORTH, Crete, Greece and Maria Kafesaki, FORTH, Crete, Greece | Proceedings: Physica B
  • ETOPIM 9 - 2012 (September 2-7): Le Pharo, Marseille, France | 35TH Anniversary of the Founding of ETOPIM Meetings
    Convenors: Stefan Enoch, Sebastien Guenneau

The latter Proceedings of ETOPIM Conferences have been published by arrangement with North Holland Publishers as a Special Edition of Physica B: Condensed Matter, the premier academic journal in the field.

ETOPIM History ...

Were you part of ETOPIM's history?  If you have some information or digitised images that you could eMail to the Secretariat, we would be very glad to have them for inclusion on our History page.