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Beginning with the 2009 Meeting on Crete, ETOPIM International Society established a prestigious, academic Award, The ETOPIM Medal, to be presented at the ETOPIM Meetings.

The medal is awarded to honour senior scientists with pioneering contributions in the study of inhomogeneous media.

Details of the The ETOPIM Medal are below.


  1. The award is open to all senior researchers in the field of Composite Science worldwide
  2. Nominations are to be received by the Executive by November 30, 2014.

The first competitive Rolf Landauer International ETOPIM Association Medal was awarded jointly to Professor David J Bergman of Tel Aviv University and Professor Graeme W Milton of the University of Utah at ETOPIM 9, Marseille France.

The citation reads: The 2012 Rolf Landauer Medal of the International ETOPIM Association is awarded for their seminal contributions to the field of composite material science, and in particular for the development of bounds on transport properties and the study of their consequences.

ETOPIM 9 was convened by Professor Stefan Enoch and Dr Sebastien Guenneau and held in the MMP in Le Jardin du Pharo, Marseille, France from September 2-7, 2012.

The Eighth International Conference on the Electrical Transport and Optical Properties of Inhomogeneous Media (ETOPIM) was held in Rethymnon, Crete from June 7-12, 2009, convened by Professor Costas Soukoulis and Dr Maria Kafesaki.

Left: Prof Ross McPhedran, Mrs. Muriel Landauer, Prof David Bergman

At this conference, the inaugural award was made of the Rolf Landauer Medal of the International ETOPIM Association.

The award recognizes research excellence in the field of composite science. In 2009 it was posthumously awarded to Rolf Landauer, and was accepted by Mrs. Muriel Landauer and son, Mr. Thomas Landauer (pictured).

Rolf Landauer was one of the pre-eminent solid state physicists of his generation. He was employed by IBM from 1952 on, where he had a key role in initiating a number of research programs, including those on semiconductor lasers and large scale circuit integration. His research was influential in a broad spectrum of areas, and continues to be important to the challenge of making ever denser and faster systems for computation and information handling. He is also internationally renowned for his seminal contributions to the physics of inhomogeneous media and to the physics of information processing. He was a Member of the US National Academies of Engineering and of Science, the European Academy of Science and the Arts and a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Rolf Landauer’s contributions to the physics of inhomogeneous media were described at ETOPIM 8 by one of his long-term colleagues and scientific admirer, Professor Bert Halperin of Harvard University.

Left: Professor Bert Halperin (Harvard University, USA) the Rolf Landauer Lecturer, Professor Ross McPhedran (The University of Sydney, Australia), President the International ETOPIM Association, Mrs Muriel Landauer, Professor David Bergman (Tel Aviv University, Israel), ETOPIM International Committee.

ETOPIM researchers are cross-disciplinary in their research and so may not receive due recognition in more specialist fields which impinge on their work, but where awards are made more narrowly.

The Rolf Landauer Medal of the International ETOPIM Association was designed by Professor Ross McPhedran, with layout by Magic Touch, and struck by Amor Badge Company, Sydney.

It is based on the cup of antiquity, the first record and earliest extant example of the use of metamaterials, The Lycurgus Cup.

The Lycurgus Cup is held in thecollectio of the British Museum, London.